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Environment friendly Zinc Plating with Trivalent Chrome Passivation

environment-imagesWe at Universal Flexibles are committed to continuous improvement of product and development of processes which will help safeguard the environment.

All our steel fittings are zinc plated to provide corrosion resistance . Traditionally, the passivation which is done after zinc plating contains hexavalent chromium( Cr(VI)) .We have eliminated the use of hexavalent chromium and have adopted trivalent chrome passivation (Cr(III)).

Cr(VI) has been demonstrated to be toxic and have a number of adverse effects ranging from causing skin irritation to cancer.Humans occupationally exposed to high levels of chromium or its compounds, primarily Cr(VI) by inhalation, may develop respiratory problems, stomach ailments, liver and kidney disease. Evidence from studies on experimental animals shows that Cr(VI), especially those of low solubility, can induce lung cancer.

Trivalent Chromium advantages

  • Cr(III) is an essential nutrient for man in amounts of 50 - 200 µg/day. Chromium is necessary for the metabolism of insulin. It is also essential for animals
  • Most of the daily chromium intake is ingested with food and is in the trivalent form. About 0.5-3% of the total intake of trivalent chromium is absorbed in the body.
  • In general, Cr(III) is considerably less toxic than Cr(VI).
  • Cr(VI) has better heat resistance than Cr(III)


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